Shaolin coaching

Personal growth, spiritual development and business success

Shaolin coaching is a unique approach which developed out of the deep and vast treasure of Shaolin Kung Fu

and its philosophy. Combined with modern coaching and communication skills it is made accessible to everybody in our modern times. The main focus of my work lies on the development of body, energy (chi) and mind. In the social dimension I also work on the development of an ethic structure through which life can be lived harmonious and successful. Personal growth, spiritual development and business success work as a whole.


I work with private persons, groups and in companies with leaders and teams. I work in the field of burnout prevention, stress reduction, awareness training, team building and leadership. Besides that I teach traditional Shaolin Kung Fu and Buddhist philosophy as well as Taoist energy arts and strategy for warriors.




Awareness is the key issue in regaining harmony in our life. Calmness, concentration, resilience are the outcomes of a mindful lifestyle. Once you train your mind to be aware of inner and outer phenomena, it begins to relax and is able to accomplish greater tasks in a harmonious way.


Awareness empowers us to drop old reactive habit patterns and change our mind into a creative worldview. It enables us to truly see what is there without being trapped in the assumptions of our own mind. Awareness training for groups and individuals can unfold a variety of lasting positive results on the quality of life.




Our thoughts form our path. How we think and how we look at the world around us defines our actions and our actions define our life. Our mind contains a treasure that lies behind our day to day thought patterns. Our mind contains a big creative potential which wants to be unfolded and developed.


My mind training is based on Buddhist

philosophy and ethics for it needs a good ground to grow. From there we move to a playful yet deep understanding on how the mind works and how we can use it for the benefit of ourselves and others.

Once developed, it is the strongest ally we have in life.

Martial Arts



looks back on a 1500-year tradition. It contains a vast knowledge of fighting arts, medicine, philosophy and meditation. It is unique in its direct and powerful approach. Its aesthetic presentation and knowledge of the human body is very profound and developed out of the holistic worldview of Chan Buddhism.
I teach all parts of the art: Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and the inner energetic aspects of Kung Fu.

About manuel scherzer

- Certification to teach Meditation, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Kung Fu (from Sportunion Wien)

- Certification to teach Shaolin Kung Fu from Grandmaster Shi Yan Liang

- Certification for Studies on Buddhism from the Pali University of Sri Lanka

- Over 20 Years of meditation experience (Vipassana, Taoist, Shivaist and Buddhist methods)

- National title for Sanda (full contact fighting) Austria ind 2014 and 2015

- Co-founder of the Garuda Warrior Academy

I teach martial art, and with this also awareness, ethic, meditation and personal development. Meditation, Buddhist philosophy and martial arts are the center of my life. I learned from Grandmaster Shi Yan Liang of the Shaolin Temple, Banthe Seelawansa, and many others. I started my journey about 20 years ago with

Vipassana, went through many different schools of life and found my home in Shaolin and Buddhism. It is my aim to work for the understanding that those teachings and methods work in every arena of life for everybody at all times.
I work with people of all levels and positions in life, because if something works, it has to work everywhere. In our hearts we all have a warrior for the good of all beings, this warrior needs to be trained and unleashed so it can be a part of a better society.
Love and blessings
Manuel Scherzer